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Friday, April 3, 2013

From: Andrew Kennedy

Re: How you can achieve confidence and unlock
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Dear Valued Client,


id you know that EVERY millionaire I’ve ever met (and I’ve met a few… hundred) shares one very common attribute that immediately sets them apart from the less well-off?

Let me tell you about how one man discovered this secret, and used it to overcome rejection, and bankruptcy, and create a global empire…

He was REJECTED by the military, and enlisted with the Red Cross, and arrived in France just in time to MISS the end of the war.

Upon his return, he tried DESPERATELY to get work, and found that NOBODY wanted him.

So, he decided to establish his own business.

It failed MISERABLY.

Next, he labored creating short films under ANOTHER MAN’S name.

Capitalizing on that audience, he then launched his SECOND business.

It quickly went BANKRUPT, DEVESTATED by enormous DEBT.

After this VISCIOUS defeat, he relocated and plunged into his THIRD enterprise.

This time, he BLEW AWAY obstacle after obstacle, and employed his imagination to CONQUER bigger, stronger, and more powerful competition.

His Empire now spans the entire globe, a household name that rakes in profits of well over a billion dollars every QUARTER. He ALSO achieved more awards and nominations than ANY other person in history.

He left behind these words, to explain his meteroic success, and the attribute that made it all possible:

“Somehow I can’t believe that there are any heights that can’t be scaled by a man who knows the secrets of making dreams come true. This special secret, it seems to me, can be summarized in four C’s.

They are curiosity, confidence, courage, and constancy, and the greatest of all is confidence.

When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably.”

Take a second to really let that sink in one more time…

The greatest secret to making dreams come true is CONFIDENCE.

This advice comes directly from WALT DISNEY, the man who dropped out of high school, suffered REJECTION and BANKRUPTCY, and STILL had enough CONFIDENCE to create a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR GLOBAL EMPIRE, while bringing his DREAMS TO LIFE for the entire world.


The Key to this Incredible Mind Secret Is NOT “Popular”


So it’s not your fault that you’ve never learned just how powerful it is. The people who share these secrets about the true nature of the world and wealth… are almost exclusively extremely wealthy – so they rarely share their thoughts with “regular people”. They keep this to idle chat at the yacht club or at private mastermind events at multi-million
dollar lake homes…

During hundreds of interviews with highly successful people from all walks of life, the recurrent theme from these successful people, was that their success was due to the high level of CONFIDENCE they had in themselves… this gave them the feeling that whatever the problem, or situation that faced them… they possessed the ability to turn it into a successful conclusion.

They had attained such abundant confidence that they could DEMOLISH whatever obstacle, situation, or problem was blocking their way to achieving success in any part of their lives.

I used to call these successful people “millionaires”… I stopped calling them millionaires because many times the success that people desire and attain has nothing at all to do with money. Many times it has to do with other situations in their lives.

You See…

It’s your CONFIDENCE that actually has a MAJOR influence on EVERY area of your life… not just with your success with money.

Your confidence influences your relationships… such as staying in a bad relationship because of lack of confidence, or not having enough confidence to approach, meet, and talk to new people… or not having the confidence to tell a person what you really think… or how you really feel about them.

Also, your confidence GREATLY influences your finances… such as your not having the confidence to stand up to your boss and negotiate a better salary, because you feel you don’t deserve it, or not believing enough in yourself or your abilities. If you are in business, your level of confidence can ACTUALLY be the cause of your business’s success or failure.


This Mental Shift Takes Seconds



Let me explain…

Many people WRONGLY assume that confidence is an in-born trait, you either have it or you don’t. What we’ve discovered is that successful people actually WORKED at building their confidence. They built their confidence level slowly over a period of years. They worked on their mind. They worked at building this automatic mental response. When they came up against something that was blocking any form of their progress, their happiness or success… their mind would then click in and fill them with the belief that… “I can do this… I can achieve this”. With that strong mental reaction their confidence kicked in and they actually achieved it.

Practitioners, scientists, and the medical community that specialize in programing the mind have developed a process that can greatly shorten this “process to success” for you. In fact, the process is now totally automated.

What this means, is that instead of working at the process for years… you can now accomplish it in only days or weeks… all on autopilot.

This program will AUTOMATICALLY program your mind to improve your confidence and make truly wonderful major improvements in your life because of it.

So what’s the secret to programing your confidence for success?


The Experts have compiled this amazing program into a series of mp3s that you can instantly download and play AT ANY TIME…



The purpose of this 4-Step Confidence Hypnosis Audio Program audio program is to automatically “re-program” your mind for success. Self-hypnosis has been used for centuries to harness and utilize the power of the mind.

The best part of this audio program is that It does all the work for you!

It is so simple to use that if you can listen to music then you can reap all the benefits of this program.

Do exactly what the super achievers do… program your mind for success, and you can do it now. This program has been praised as one of the most POWERFUL confidence & success building programs available anywhere, at any price.

Here’s just a few of the ways you’ll immediately benefit from our Complete Confidence Hypnosis Program:

    Clear away the negative influences that hold you back, and generate anxiety and fear.

    More respect from your peers.

    A wonderful relationship with your mate…

    People doing what you say….

    Getting the promotions you deserve, while you stop being passed over and unrecognized.

    More dates, more attention from the opposite sex, More or a better sex life…

    Constantly receive compliments….

    And Much, Much More!


However – If You Attempt To “Go It Alone” Without Hypnosis Then You Are Almost Guaranteed To Fail… Here’s Why:


Even if you THINK you’ve changed your mindset and you won’t be
held back by the scarcity mindset… Think again. The shift that needs
to happen is so deep and profound, it’s almost impossible to make if you
weren’t already born super-confident. Yet using hypnosis, any mindset shift
becomes easy – so don’t try this on your own, and if you do, expect to

But why plan to fail like that when you can get the whole package for just $17?

Just imagine how you’ll feel when you can…

    Feel more relaxed and confident in every area of your life…

    Immediately provide more peace and stability for yourself and the ones you love…

    Take bigger risks, reach for passionate dreams, and live based on ideals, not based on fears…

    Unlock your unstoppable mindset, and literally see the world around you open up with color and vitality, endless opportunities surrounding you and supporting your every move…

    Never feel ‘inadequate’ again, and
more easily accomplish everything you want to have in life…

    And finally be TRULY free with the liberty to go where you wish, do what you desire most, and live life to the fullest, WITHOUT fear!


WARNING: Most “Mindset Hypnosis” Products Will Fail!


After all, the Hypnotist who makes your sessions is as important as the sessions themselves… here’s what I mean:

Would you trust a grossly obese Hypnotist to help you lose weight? NO!

Would you trust a chain smoking hypnotist to help you quit cigarettes? NO WAY!

If your Hypnotist is faced with the same problems you are, you’re doomed to be worse off than when you started. I don’t want that for you, and I’m sure you don’t desire that for yourself…


Why You Get The $17 Discount Rate


As I mentioned, this product usually costs a lot more, and usually sells for $174 all by itself, and well worth every penny of it…

And for a limited time, we’re also adding 5 additional bonuses, only for fast action takers, that are valued at over $212 all by themselves.

I have three reasons for offering you this discount and I think you’ll agree with each one:

  • We want to be able to thank you for signing up for the 101 Powerful Quotes ebook, and taking the initiative to welcome a better life and situation for yourself.
  • As a valued client, I want your financial health to be SOLID, so that you can continue to invest in our Hypnotic products and sequences. After all, I want to keep you happy for life, and that starts now…
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  • However, you can get locked in at just $17 when you grab this package deal right now.


Introducing: The Complete Confidence
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Eddie O'Connor
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Complete Confidence Hypnosis: 4 Disc Set

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product sells day in and day out for $174, but
it’s yours today as part of the Complete Confidence Hypnosis Package For Just $17 – And look what else you get:

Fast Action Bonus #1: 30 Days to Complete Confidence Action Plan ($27 value)

World renowned experts share step by step instructions on exactly what to do build your confidence in every area of your life. Easy to implement and practically fool proof.

And to ensure your success we added:

Fast Action Bonus #2: Dr. Eddie O’Connor: Sport Psychologist ($27 value)

Dr. O’Connor is a sports psychologist who is trained to work with Olympic athletes. As soon as I spent just a few minutes with him, I knew I had struck gold.

He’ll teach you how to develop the mental toughness of an olympic athlete.

Fast Action Bonus #3: Maryann Karinch – Body Language Expert ($27 value)

Maryann Karinch has written 18 books on the subject of body language and you are absolutely going to be floored with what you learn from her, because body language has a direct link to our inner confidence.

Fast Action Bonus #4: Tim David – Professional Speaker and Persuasion Expert ($27 value)

Tim David will teach you about how confidence is the cornerstone in your ability to successfully persuade and influence other people. If you aren’t getting what you want in your job, relationships, or fitness life, then Tim David can teach you how to employ your new confidence to get what you want.

Fast Action Bonus #5: Sandra Dee Robinson – CEO of Charisma on Camera ($27 value)

Sandra works with actors, CEOs, and entertainers on how to look great on and off-camera, and deliver their message passionately.



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If You Don’t Eliminate The Fear and Anxiety, You Will ALWAYS Struggle…


Take the advice of the world’s most successful people, and embrace confidence NOW. Without Unstoppable confidence, your efforts are being wasted, and you’re not getting the most out of any effort you take.

Not to mention all the opportunities that your fear is causing you to miss out on.

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-Andrew Kennedy

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